October Feature: Peonies

October Feature: Peonies

The peony is one of the most highly sought after flowers, but what is it about those small egg-shaped buds in white, pink and burgundy that elicit such enthusiasm from a Flowers on Tedder visitor?

It is, of course, the knowledge and anticipation of that bud opening to a display of delicate, scented petals, forming an unrivalled cluster of beauty. The peony is seen as a symbol of beauty and nobility. Earlier in the year, we enjoyed imported Dutch and French Peonies. The local peony season is short-lived, so make sure you are ready to give a bunch a home when they arrive at Flowers on Tedder.

Upcoming Workshop – Weds 15  Nov, 6pm


This workshop will explore the beauty and endless varieties of the rose.
Create a rose hatbox arrangement (made famous by UK florist Jane Packer), perfect for a special gift or occasion.


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